• Announcing merger of Riella & Lepak with Nicola, Yester & Co., as of January 2020.

    PLEASE NOTE: We are Open for Business but due to the COVID-19 pandemic CLOSED TO ALL WALK-IN CLIENTS. We are available via email and phone calls. Thank you!

When crossing a sea of financial regulations…

…make sure you have a Master navigator. In managing and processing accounting, tax regulation and filings, business compliance and valuation, the difference between smooth sailing and sinking comes down to expertise and experience. Riella and Lepak offers both. We have the vision to see emerging trends developing beyond the horizon, and the skills to set the right course forward. Our firm provides financial guidance, advocacy and support to individuals, business owners, and nonprofits, both domestically and internationally within a broad range of industries. Riella & Lepak — smoother sailing.

For Businesses

We help small to mid-sized businesses at home and abroad, serving the manufacturing sector, nonprofits, real estate agencies, retail sector, and a variety of service industries. Learn more »

For Individuals

Each person’s life is different and nuanced. Significant life events, such as getting married, having children, divorce, starting a business, funding for education, and death can impact one’s financial/tax course very quickly and dramatically. Learn more »