Our loyal office greeter is a lab-hound mix rescued from Tennessee.

At times she’s a little too eager to greet you; she willingly cajoles you into rubbing her belly.

Since she’s on a constant diet, a trip to the local bank is always welcome because of the biscuit received.

Our clients often come in for a “Noel break” outside of their regular appointments.

She is truly a special type of therapy dog.

What people say

Five stars!

I am an accounting professional and I trust and rely on Riella & Lepak, PC for all my tax services and advice. They have been my  CPA firm for many years. Riella & Lepak, PC is my “go to” firm. Five stars! -B. W.,… Continue »

Each client is treated with respect

Riella & Lepak, Certified Public Accountants, have worked with me on taxes and related accounting issues for 9 years. Ellen Lepak handles my account but everyone in the office is part of the process. It is obvious that each client… Continue »